Hi ! How do you create your gifs ? And how do you post them on tumblr ?

I create them with Photohosp CS6 and then you just have to click on “photo” and upload :)

Ausiello just posted the video. It's working. :)

yeey will see it

Tatiana: You can so easily get wrapped up in the awards and the accolades, or the critical response, or the criticism, or the praise, and lose sight of the fact that — you know, I’m an actor and my favourite thing in the world is acting. I don’t feel like myself when I’m not acting. So much of my identity is acting.

I wanna gif the new ellen video but the link doesn’t work anymore :(

What last pictures of elen?

(xxxxx)   (xxxxx)

can you edit the last gorgeous ellen pics?

doing it

definition of timeless